Do you need support ?

In case of issues related to our charging stations, our support is available 24h/24, 7j/7

Numéro du support  : +590 (0) 590 029 233

You can also send us an e-mail at the following address :

How to use our charging stations for electric vehicles ?

Explanatory schematic of how to use our charging stations.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  • How to charge your vehicle ?
    1. Connect the charging cable to the vehicle and to the charging station
    2. Swipe the Charge Pass over the reader near the charge point you are connected to or select the charge point on the mobile application, add a payment method and click "Start Charging".
    3. Wait until you hear a beep (after 3 seconds). If the light turns blue, the charging process begins.
    4. You can end the charging process by repositioning your Charge Pass on the reader (or from the mobile app), waiting for the beep, and then unplugging the cable.

      Flashing green : Standby
      Blue : On charge
      Flashing red : Unknown card or cable not connected properly
      Red : Charge point unavailable / Malfunction
      Green : Battery charged

  • Which charging cards are accepted at our charging stations ?
    GMOB Charge Pass and roaming partners.

  • Where can I find charging stations ?
    On the GMOB app available on iOS and Android.

  • Where can I create an account and get a charge card?
    On the GMOB website, in the "Registration" section (

  • Where can I find my charge point ID?
    On the charging station, near the connector. The identifier of the charge point is also indicated on the GMOB application.